April 20, 2010

Winding Trails

I'll keep this short. On Sunday I raced in Farmington, CT for the second race of the Root 66 series. Last year it was 90 degrees and sunny, this year it was much more mild. The race didn't start perfectly. All of the juniors missed the start in some confusion. Once the race began, Ryan got into the singletrack first, but he let me by pretty quickly, and I proceeded to embarrass myself by crashing (...not really - I wasn't really staying on the trail, though) into trees and popping my foot out of the pedal hopping over a log. Eventually I began to ride well, by the end of the first lap I had a gap that grew for each of the three remaining laps.

My awesome 29er. I am no longer skeptical about big wheels. This bike rocks.

I ended up winning, which was a big surprise considering how poorly I was riding at the start. Also, during the race, the end of the front derailleur cable began to rub against my tire. It took me forever to figure out what it was, and once I did, I did not want to stop and waste time bending it. My time compared to all Cat.1's was actually pretty great and I got a decent amount of money for winning. It is great seeing more juniors racing Cat.1; hopefully it says something about the growth of our sport.
Tyler, me and Ryan.

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