April 26, 2010

More Greenbrier Podium Pics and Knee Update

Photos from John.

John on the podium:

Aaron on the podium:

I was disappointed not to make this race as it's one of my favorites, but I needed some more time to let my gnarly knee injury resolve. It's been a very slow recovery process for me as I'm now more than a week post-crash. I spent 10 hours of hanging out on the floor on Sunday with my leg elevated. That dropped the swelling down from 5x normal size (on Friday) to 2-3x normal size today. I'm not able to walk without a big limp and there is still lots of bruising; my leg is pretty much black with bruises from the top of my leg to the bottom of my foot. Now, I'm waiting for it to change into a rainbow of colors as the bruises (hopefully) fade. Good times...

I just want to get out on my bike!

- Jeff

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