April 18, 2010

Fair Hill (with photos)

As Mike said, a great first weekend for the team at the Mid-Atlantic Super Series race at Fair Hill in Maryland.

Aaron won the 42 person Elite category in a sprint finish.

Mike was not too far behind Aaron in the Elite field in 8th place.

Cam was 17th in a stacked Elite field.

John won his Expert category, finishing a few minutes up on second place in a field of 23 other guys.

Jay was 2nd in his Expert category in a close finish (1 second away) with the first placed rider.

A link to results: http://www.midatlantictiming.com/MAT/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=94&Itemid=1

Many of the team are off to race at the next MASS race this weekend in Danville, PA at the Tour de Tykes.

- Jeff

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