November 27, 2013

Updated UCI CX Rankings

The UCI just posted its updated world cyclocross rankings on November 26, 2013.  With his great fall season of CX, Cam has moved up to 126th in the world and is currently the 18th best in the US on UCI points.

You can find the full list here.

Unlike many of the others on the list, Cam is both working a full time job and started with zero points at the beginning of this season.  Zero points meant he started at the back of the field at the big races and fight his way to the front:

November 11, 2013


Congratulations to Cam on his first UCI win on Sunday at the HPCX cyclocross event in New Jersey on Sunday.

Results are available here:

From Velonews, here's how it went down:

"Cameron Dodge (Scott Racing) and Laura Van Gilder (Mellow Mushroom) won Sunday’s HPCX cyclocross race in Highland Park, N.J.

Dodge was part of a group that stayed in front for the entire men’s race, and when the pack shattered near the end of the final lap, he made his move and darted ahead. Dodge expertly made his way through the final section of the course, which featured a twisty downhill section, a sharp left, a punchy climb, and another downhill before turning to the finish.

Jerome Townsend (Bikereg-Joe’s Garage) managed to sneak in ahead of Anthony Clark (Jam Fund-NCC) for second. The two crossed the finish line at nearly the same instant but Townsend was able to throw his bike across first."
Sunday's win was following another CX win on Saturday at the Fair Hill MAC event (where Cam is the current series leader).

Results are available here:

November 07, 2013

Cam Race CX Updates and New Pictures

Cam and Bart (team director) @ Cross Vegas
Starting at the back of the group Cam won both races Sat/Sun at local MAC Series Event (Whirlybird) sending him into the lead in the MAC Cyclocross Series:

Next he went to FULL MOON VISTA CYCLOCROSS event in Rochester NY which is a UCI C1 event. He placed 6th on SAT and 2nd on Sunday.

Cam is now ranked in 12th place in the USA Cycling Professional Cyclocross Calendar (Pro CX)

Cam is ranked as 21st best US Cyclocross rider and 157th in the world.

Take a look at this video and skip to 5:20 minute mark to see Cam's interview...

And, in this video, after the advertisement skip to the 3:00 mark..

Yet, another interview with Cam.

And more photos of Cam...

Plus, another Cyclingdirt interview with Cam...

Watch more video of 2013 Cincy3 on

Mid-Atlantic cyclocross standings - currently ranked #1!

November 06, 2013

Product Testing - Wolftooth Drop-Stop Cyclocross Chainring

Putting the Wolftooth LLC drop-stop cyclocross chainrings through some real world testing.  Set up with a 42T chainring and an Ultegra short cage rear derailleur, even after this bad crash, the chain stayed on the chainring!

I saw a recent article on Velonews about the "new" SRAM cyclocross XX1 style grouppo.  Well, with a Wolftooth chainring on a current crankset and a short cage derailleur, the same exact performance is already available.  Why wait?

October 26, 2013

October 25, 2013

Dylan 8th @ Collegiate Short Track Nationals

Dylan pulls off an 8th place finish today at Collegiate Short Track Nationals! XC is tomorrow!

October 03, 2013

More Race Updates

Jeff and Zack did the SM 100

Cam raced at Cross Vegas and finished 21st ahead of some big hitters. 

September 04, 2013

Race Updates

 - Zack gets 3rd in Men's open podium from Rattling Creek 50

-Jeff and Mike do The Battle at Burke Farm (part of VAMTBS and VORS). Both made it on the podium (if there was a podium). Fun race!

-Jon and Ross do Mountain Creek H2H race


-Fair Hill was the conclusion of the MASS XC series. Cam came away with the win and the overall series win. Nick finished up 4th on the day, with Jeff in 5th, Mike in 10th and Zack in 11th. Jay cleaned up in the 50+ category with a win on the day and second in the overall series. Great turnout for an awesome course. There aren't many 27 mile single lap mtb races to be had, especially ones that are 90% singletrack!


-A podium sweep in the Open/Elite race at the D&Q Summer Sizzler with Dylan in 1st, Jeff in 2nd, Nick in 3rd, Zack in 8th and Mike in 9th. 

-Congratulations to Dylan on the overall win at the Wednesday at Wakefield ( Mike came in third)

-Cam finishes 8th,  US Pro XCT short track event in Vermont...

-and 20th in the XC Race 

August 16, 2013

Medilast Compression Sock Review

Compression socks are some of the things that I had never considered using until our sponsor Medilast sent me some. Now that I've started wearing them, I'm hooked. They have several uses according to the Medilast. You can wear them while training, during recovery or on long car rides (not sure if they suggest that last one but they should).

I wear them when traveling to and from races under my pants or with shorts. As opposed to compression tights that are difficult to take on and off the socks can come on and off easy. Stopping in a rest area and don't want to look like a weirdo with knee high socks, just take them off and put them back on when you get back in the car.

I also wear them after almost every ride or jog I do. I normally have an urge to sit down with my legs up after a ride but that isn't always possible or convenient. Wearing these leg compression socks is the next best thing to laying down. Sometimes I even do both.

I wear them when I know I will be on my feet for a while. Two days ago I got back from a 3-hour ride and my dad asked me to help move furniture to his new place. I threw the tall sock on under my pants and was able to more comfortably stand and work with fatigued legs. I've also used them while working construction. There have been many days when I know I will be on my feet all day painting or hanging dry wall and having the extra support helps. It is another layer of clothing though, so on hot days I don't wear them.

I haven't used the tall compression socks during training or racing (normally its too hot out) but I do use their ankle high short socks. They cover less of the body so they don't do too much as far as aiding in recovery or preventing jarring muscles but they are nice, durable socks with quality elastic. 

I can see how the tall socks would be valuable for runners with the high impact causing muscles to shake and fatigue faster. I have used Medilast arm covers and they are nice on super rocky descents with a lot of jarring for preventing arm fatigue.  They're a little too hot for me for summertime use - I feel a little odd on the first mtb rides of the year not wearing them.  I never thought that arm compression sleeves would help out on a mtb ride, but they definitely help me feel fresher after long rides (they even work well for reducing fatigue on long road rides).

I have used a few pair for 2 yrs now that still feel like new.

For the most part I use the tall socks. I've used several pair for two years (and I wear them a lot); the compression of the material has stayed strong. I have noticed some pilling with the black compression socks. The white ones don't show any sign of age besides looking a little grey, mostly because I don't separate my white when doing laundry. I don't do anything special for washing or drying them, the socks go in the wash with everything else. I'm not sure what the proper procedure is for caring for them (the packaging was all in Spanish).

Medilast has me sold on compression clothing, especially the tall Compression socks. I'd highly recommend their products to anybody if you're looking to recover faster and feel better while racing, training or at work. Here is the link to their website…

The black knee high socks are for wearing during exercise, or for recovery (that lump at my ankle is another pair of socks on underneath)

the white knee high socks are tighter and meant for recovery only

ankle high white socks - these feel great for riding

white and black ankle high in package

some pilling after 2 yrs of heavy use
white knee high socks after 2 yrs of use (no pilling - I think they are made from a different material than the black ones, they are a bit tighter too)
sizing info

 Teammates and I use the ankle high socks all the time during races and rides...

Photo credit to Ian McAlexander /

Photo credit to Ian McAlexander /