June 27, 2013

Wednesdays at Wakefield Race #2

Wednesdays at Wakefield is a race series at Wakefield Park in Annandale Virginia and is a great way for mountain bikers in the DC area to satisfy their racing fix mid week. For the second W@W race Scott Pro Mountain Bike team members Dylan Johnson, Zack Morrey, and Mike Joos came ready to throw down with some of the local competition including Ian Spivack and Dave Weaver.

At the start of the race Zack hammered up the start hill to make it first into the single track followed by Dave, Dylan, and Ian making up the lead group with Mike not far behind. Zack lead the entire first lap setting a good pace. At the end of the first lap Dylan crashed in a rocky creak crossing but quickly got up and rejoined the three leaders.


The beginning of the second lap saw some jostling of positions with Dave, Ian, and Dylan passing Zack and then Ian passing Dave to take up the pace making for the group. Later on in the second lap Dylan put in an attack on the open power line section of the course and was able to string out the four man group and break away leaving Ian in second, Dave in third, and Zack in fourth. Meanwhile Mike was creeping through the field making his way up to fifth place by the end of the race making for three Scott Pro Mountain bike riders in the top five!       

June 21, 2013

Fizik Tundra 2 Long Term Review

My Fizik Tundra 2 has been back and forth on my Scott Scale race bike and on my road bike since the Fall of 2011. It has proved to be a durable, stylish and comfortable piece of equipment. I’ve found its material is the perfect balance between grippy and slippery. I can move around on it easily for climbs but also rely on it to keep me in one place on the rough stuff. 

In addition, weight isn’t holding it back at all. My Tundra 2 with kium rails was, at the time, the least expensive Tundra model. It is still very lightweight at 190 grams. The rails are well marked and the markings haven’t worn off after several bike swaps and saddle adjustments.

I especially like the length of the saddle (280mm). I’ve used other long saddles, like the WTB Silverado (290mm), but what I especially like is the support the Tundra 2 has closer to the nose. The Silverado narrows too quickly and doesn’t give adequate support if you intend to sit near the nose for any extended period of time. Of course, every bike and every rider will be different, but for me and the way I like to be positioned, I like to ride near the nose. On the road bike, when in the drops and really grinding it out, I can comfortably be near the nose. Sitting further back works well too and as a result, you end up with a few good positions that you can switch back and forth between to relax or work particular muscles. 

The saddle is smooth on the sides, so you don’t have to worry about getting your shorts stuck on it while cornering or rubbing on your thighs while pedaling. If you are really getting ballsy on your bike and lean back behind the Tundra 2, you don’t have to worry too much about getting your shorts snagged on the nose. Because of its rectangular, instead of triangular nose, I’ve only had a few close calls, and I frequently lean back on New England’s technical trails. 

This is marketed as a mountain bike saddle and the main reason why I believe that to be the case is that because for long road rides, where you simply aren’t moving around that much on the bike, it can cause some discomfort. For mountain biking, however, it really is a great saddle and I encourage you to try one for yourself. 

If you are at all curious about the Syncros saddles that are coming on new Scott bikes, I’ve been pleased with their comfort and practicality. They don’t have the same low weight or quality as Fizik saddles, however. It all depends on what you are looking for.

One last thing worth mentioning about Fizik saddles is the neat integrated clip system that allows you to cleanly mount a saddle bag or light to the back of the saddle. I’m rocking an old, traditional style saddle bag and have yet to try the integrated system, but it looks slick. The Velcro on my saddle bag is wearing out, so I have a ByKyle Simple Strap as a security measure. If quality is important to you, give Fizik a try!

- Nathaniel

June 18, 2013

Wolf Tooth Components Drop Stop Chainrings

Lots of rings just arrived today from team sponsor, Wolf Tooth Components, LLC.

Cam, Dylan, Jeff and Zack will be rocking these for the rest of the season.

Narrow/wide rings don't require a chainguide when using a clutch rear derailleur. The GXP direct mount rings drop 30 grams from an XX1 crankset by eliminating the spider completely (cheaper than XX1 rings too) on Zack and Dylan's XX1 bikes, and Jeff's XX1/XTR hybrid beast.

The 104 mm BCD ring will fit nicely on Cam's Shimano 1x10 setup (and he can toss his chainguide), and the 88 mm BCD ring for XTR Race cranks looks very trick.

Going from a 2x10 to a 1x10 setup saved about a pound on each of our bikes. This is an even lighter setup, especially when you can ditch a chainguide.

Check out http://www.wolftoothcycling.com/ for more info or ordering!

June 17, 2013

2013 Massanutten Hoo-Ha XC in Photos

Photo Courtesy of Ian McAlexander - ITMexposures.com 

Photo Courtesy of Ian McAlexander - ITMexposures.com 

Photo Courtesy of Ian McAlexander - ITMexposures.com 

Photo Courtesy of Ian McAlexander - ITMexposures.com 

Photo Courtesy of Ian McAlexander - ITMexposures.com 

Photo Courtesy of Ian McAlexander - ITMexposures.com 

Photo Courtesy of Ian McAlexander - ITMexposures.com 

Photo Courtesy of Ian McAlexander - ITMexposures.com 
Photo Courtesy of Ian McAlexander - ITMexposures.com 

2013 Massanutten Hoo-Ha Enduro in Photos

Enduro Course
Jeff  - Stage 1- Photo Courtesy of Ian McAlexander - ITMexposures.com 
Dylan - Stage 1 - Photo Courtesy of Ian McAlexander - ITMexposures.com 
Cam - Stage 1 - Photo Courtesy of Ian McAlexander - ITMexposures.com 
Jeff - Stage 2 - Photo Courtesy of Ian McAlexander - ITMexposures.com 
Cam - Stage 2 - Photo Courtesy of Ian McAlexander - ITMexposures.com 
Cam - Winner of the Enduro - Photo Courtesy of Ian McAlexander - ITMexposures.com 
Photo Courtesy of Ian McAlexander - ITMexposures.com 

Massanutten Hoo-Ha 2013 - Race Report

Cam Dodge: 1st, Enduro/ 2nd, Pro Elite XC
Dylan Johnson: 3rd, Pro Elite XC
Jeff Dickey: 8th, Enduro/ 9th, Pro Elite XC
Jay Dodge: 4th, Cat 1 Masters 40+ XC

Cam riding to the win in the Enduro, Photo Courtesy of Ian McAlexander - ITMexposures.com 

On Saturday June 8 Scott Pro MTB team members Cam Dodge, Jay Dodge, Jeff Dickey, and Dylan Johnson went down to Harrisonburg Virginia to compete in the 25th annual Massenutten Hoo-Ha mountain bike race. This year the Hoo-Ha added an enduro race on Saturday before the cross country race on Saturday.

Jeff riding to 8th place in the Enduro, Photo Courtesy of Ian McAlexander - ITMexposures.com
The Enduro was a four stage downhill event in which riders raced each of the stages for time and the rider with the fastest combined time from the four stages was the winner.

Riding aboard his Scott Spark 900, Cam took the enduro win buy almost a minute proving that the Spark is just as capable on the gnarly downhills as it is on an XC race course(especially considering that most of the competition had 5 to 7 inch travel all mountain bikes). Jeff finished in strong in 8th place despite a bad crash on stage 2.
Cam on top of the Enduro podium taking a victory shower, Photo Courtesy of Ian McAlexander - ITMexposures.com 
Sunday June 9 was the XC race. Massanutten Hoo-Ha regulars and heavy hitters Jeremiah Bishop and Nick Waite were at the race so we knew it was going to be a tough day(Nick was also on his new Scott Spark 900). Despite a blistering pace set by Jeremiah on the prolog loop, Cam was able to stay with him going into the first climb. Jeremiah and Nick turned up the pace on the climb and got out of sight of Cam, however on the downhill Nick crashed hard but came back to get 5th place.

Just behind Cam was Dylan battling with Brad Perley for the third position. Cam rode by himself most of the race and maintained his pace to get 2nd place behind Jeremiah. On the final lap Dylan was able to open up a gap on the downhill to snag 3rd place making for 2 Scott Pro MTB riders in the top three and three Scott Sparks in the top five.  
Cam on the first lap behind Jeremiah Bishop, Photo Courtesy of Ian McAlexander - ITMexposures.com  

Dylan going head to head with Brad Perley on the downhill for 3rd place, Photo Courtesy of Ian McAlexander - ITMexposures.com
  Jeff finished in the top ten, grabbing ninth place. This was a great result considering that Jeff was getting married in less than two weeks and had backed off his training. Jay had a strong race in the masters 40+ category finishing in fourth place.
Jeff ripping the downhill, Photo Courtesy of Ian McAlexander - ITMexposures.com 
Jay on his last lap, Photo Courtesy of Ian McAlexander - ITMexposures.com 
Pro/Elite Men Podium
Masters 40+ Podium Photo Courtesy of Ian McAlexander - ITMexposures.com 
   Cam, Jay, Jeff, and Dylan were all running Continental X King and Race King tires with ProTection. Among eight tires there wasn’t one flat tire all weekend in both the Enduro and XC race on some extremely rocky and rough trails. In fact after talking we realized that NONE of us has had a flat during any race this season. Many of the races we do feature technical east coast trails loaded with rocks and roots where flat tires are quite common. We are certainly thankful to be on Continental ProTection tires with Stan’s sealant.

In addition to Continental, we'd like to thank our other sponsors of the team -- these folks keep us going! 

  • Scott Bicycles - Scott Scale 900s and Spark 900s
  • Optic Nerve - Sunglasses -- Colorado to the Core
  • Limar Helmets - The lightest and most comfortable helmets in the world
  • Fizik Saddles - Comfortable and light and fit to your body flexibility type
  • ESI Grips - Hands down the most comfortable grips int he world
  • Zevlin - Makers of fine chamois cream, body care products for cyclists and handlebar tape
  • Yokozuna - Ultrapremium shift cables
  • Lifeproof - iPhone, iPad and iPod cases that are waterproof, shock proof, dust proof and snow proof, plus the accessories to take your device to the extreme.
  • Stan's NoTubes - Tubeless wheels and systems
  • Stuffitts - Portable drying solutions to keep your cycling gear dry and smelling good
  • Dumonde Tech - Eco Friendly and High Performance lubricants
  • The Parts Shoppe - Ceramic bottom brackets, pulleys, bearings and ultra low friction grease
  • Medilast - Compression gear for athletes
  • VeloInk - Custom graphics for your bike
  • Polar Bottle - Keeping your liquids hot or cold
  • Strava - Tracking rides and competing against friends
  • The Sufferfest - Training videos to kick our asses today so we can beat yours tomorrow!

- Dylan