April 11, 2010

Fair Hill

Fair Hill
April 11th 2010
Mid Atlantic Super series

I had long wait till the start of the race… I thought the race was at 10 so I showed up @ 8:30… But the race wasn’t till 12:30.... This gave me plenty of time to meditate and find my inner chi before the race.

The race was fast and windy… There were 30 riders (my guess) in my category (pro-open)… it was chaotic in the beginning… Tires were rubbing and riders were cutting each other off for position... But once that was over it was a fun race… It wasn’t too bumpy so you could really concentrate on leaning deep into corners and ripping through sections with no worries.

I came in 8th I think (that is what I was told by a woman @ the finish)and team mate Aaron Snyder won!!!

P.S. I forgot my camera but if I get my hands on any pics others took I will post them.

-Mike Joos

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