July 27, 2012

Wednesdays at Wakefield #4 - Report

The last event in the Wednesdays at Wakefield series was held on July 18.  It looked like a storm would soon hit and attendance was a little off from the prior nights.  But, the temperature dropped with the impending storm front from nearly 100 to the mid-80s.  Still it was hot and the racing was fast -- possibly the hardest of the four-race series.

Jeff led through lap 1 of the four lap race, leading a group of Dylan, Ian Spivak, Kevin Carter, and John McInnis.  After some jostling to get room to pass in the group, Dylan accelerated away from the group mid-way through the second lap.  Jeff, fresh off the Breck 100, chased, caught Dylan and they rode together until mid-way through the third lap when Jeff's acceleration on the hill put a 10 second gap to Dylan.

Jeff held the 10 second gap to Dylan until the finish to take the win.  Dylan fought off a hard charging Ian Spivak (last year's series champion) to take second.  Results are available here.  Ian commented afterward that he thought this race was the hardest of the year.  You can read his race report here.

In the 4 race series, Dylan and Jeff each won two of the events and placed second in one other event.  So, they ended up tied for the 2012 "Wednesday at Wakefield World Championships."  Series results are here.

Oh, and did I mention that this was the "dress race" (note the dress photos below).

Lots of dresses...
The start

Lap 1


Dylan rocking the dress...

Jeff leading
Dylan chasing

Round 4 Placing - Jeff 1st, Dylan 2nd
Series placing - Jeff and Dylan tied for 1st

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