July 27, 2012

2012 Fair Hill Classic

Race: 2012 Fair Hill Classic
Location: Fair Hill Fairgrounds, MD
Date: July 15, 2012
Riders: Cam Dodge (1st - Open); Aaron Snyder (2nd - Open); Nick Sears (3rd - Open); Jay Dodge (1st - 50+ Men)

Cam, Aaron and Nick swept the podium last weekend at the Fair Hill Classic in Maryland.  Cam and Aaron battled it out at the front, eventually finishing 5-6 minutes up on Nick, who got his first Elite podium finish of the year in the MASS Series.  Nick had an awesome ride, finishing another minute ahead of 4th place.

Jay also won, finishing 1 minute up on second in the 50+ category.

Results are available here.

Cam 1st, Aaron 2nd, Nick 3rd
- Jeff

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