July 08, 2012

2012 Danzeisen and Quigley Summer Sizzler

Race: 2012 Danzeisen and Quigley Summer Sizzler
Where:  Gloucester County College, Sewell, NJ
Date:July 7th
Conditions: 105 degrees, twisty rooty short steep ups and downs
Riders: Aaron 1st, Cam 2nd, Nick 4th, Mike 15th, Ross 20th, Jeff 25th (pro/cat1 open)... Jay 1st (masters)

I think this was the hottest day of the year. Despite the heat, Aaron and Cam pulled off their seemingly now normal 1st and 2nd for the MASS (Mid Atlantic Super Series) races. Nick had a great race pulling off a 4th (the best he has done in a MASS race yet!). For some reason the heat seemed to be affecting me (Mike) more than my team mates. I realized half way through the first lap that with the heat this race for me was going to be more about survival than getting a good result. I kept it slow and steady (any pushing hard made my head feel like it was going to pop) and came in 15th.

Jeff does well in hot races and this course suited his strengths. He was moving up into 5th when he came across a woman who had fallen into a tree and hurt her collar bone/shoulder in the middle of the trail. Other riders were going around her and/or telling her to get out of the way. Jeff being the better person stopped and waited with her until help came. He came in last after waiting with her for 15-20 min when he could have pulled of a top 5 finish if he had not stopped.
The start

Aaron followed by Cam and Nick - 2-4 into the first singletrack

Ross on his first race on the new Scale 29 RC
John in a good starting slot
Jeff with a way to make up to get to the front
Aaron heading out for his last lap - in the lead
Cam heading out for his last lap - in second

Cam collecting his winnings for 2nd place
Aaron getting his 1st place award

- Mike

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