August 11, 2010

Tatum Park Race Report

Tatum Park - Middletown, NJ



This was a good local race to see how well my injured shoulder and ribs will hold up that I busted up on a ride 4 days earlier and ended up in the ER.

Off the start I pulled the lead into the grass fields and I was flying with Ross on my wheel. I went flying into one of many grass fields turns and ended up on the floor, really tweaking my injured shoulder. All I saw was a bunch of people pass me, got back up on the bike and cranked it and within a few minutes was back up with the front group of two.

Ross and I were able to put some hurt on the other guy. Then while in some super fast single track sitting in 3rd I went too fast into the a turn hitting head on with a tree. Got back on
my bike with the stem and bars twisted and was able to get back into a rhythm cruising my way in for a 3rd place and Ross taking 2nd.

Great race, but I hope this bad week of racing and riding is over.


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