August 04, 2010

Root 66 Hodges Village Dam and MA State Championships

Gold. That's good, right?

My strategy was a little different for this race. I had my Wisdom Teeth removed recently and was told not to ride or run (at all) for a whole week. When that week was up, I wasn't sure where my fitness was. Being the Massachusetts State Championships, I was planning to do just enough work to place well, but not turn myself inside out, ride sloppy and crash or break my bike. I did just that, letting Ryan into the woods first, riding behind him for about the first half a lap. He seemed to slow down so I passed him and turned up the pace a bit. It wasn't very long before I had a gap that would steadily grow to nine (9) minutes. I had a good race, the course suited me well and I wasn't the least bit tired before the start. In fact, I can count on my hand the number of races where I have felt awake at the start. For whatever reason, I wasn't nervous leading up to the race and I slept well, really well. The race was long, over two hours for most mortals (except for Mike Rowell and Alec Petro - Cat.1s with Pro fitness). I don't have a lot to say, so this is nice and concise.

Hey look, a dam!

Cat.2 start

I was tired. The course was insanely dusty and it stuck to me and my bike.

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