August 17, 2010

Millstone Grind

I don't really feel like writing a whole lot about this race. It was a great experience, though and I had fun. The course was great, the event was well run and the scenery was fantastic. I finished 3rd; Ben and Zeb had great races. Both were highly motivated. For Ben, this was his last Root 66 race before college and Zeb's entire (seriously) family was there - parents, grandparents, sister, sister's friends, etc, etc...Plenty of pictures this time, thanks to Kim Holtan. Results are here.
Overcast, but no rain!

We all agreed to a slow start since we all thought it would be a 3 hour was more like 2 and change. I look like I'm not complying with said plan, but I did.
Fun high-speed corner. Kim took 15 pictures of this turn.

Riding on grass is demoralizing.

It was a Kenda Cup Qualifier.
Drive home.

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