May 10, 2010

On the Rocks At French Creek

On the Rocks At French Creek
Elverson, PA
Saturday, May 08, 2010

A two lap (each lap 10 mile) race. same as last weekend’s MASS series race (@ the granogue estate) this race is the only time that bikes are allowed on the property. So I felt fortunate to have the opportunity to ride these sweet trails on the only day every year that it is legal to do so.

About half way through my first lap I get a flat tire and was passed by all riders in my category. Flat tires during races are pretty demotivating. But seeing as money goes 15 deep I knew I still stood a chance to rake in some cash so I resorted to plan B which was finish top 15.

I pulled it off, finishing 13th.

All results

Several others on the scott rc crew were there…

Scott Wilson finished 2nd in cat 1

Jay Dodge finished 1st in the maters cat 1

Cam Dodge was riding strong in the pro/open until he got a mechanical

-Mike Joos

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