April 09, 2014

Getting the season rolling

After a terrible winter of cold weather and snow here in the Washington, DC area, and being out of action for two months with pneumonia, I finally got back to bike racing in descent weather last weekend at the All American Road Race and the Sugar Hill XC, both in Maryland.

While neither event went particularly well for me (riding in the basement at an easy pace for months doesn't build much race fitness), they were good training events in generally sunny conditions.  I had a pack finish in the 80 mile road race Saturday and 9th in the mtb race Sunday.  Most importantly, it felt so good to get back out on my Spark 900 on dry and fun trails in Patapsco State Park.

All American Road Race - Photo Credit Igda Warner - http://velogirl22.smugmug.com/

Next up is the Baker's Dozen 13 hour relay event in Leesburg, VA on April 12.  While I've raced this event the past 6-7 years on a two person co-ed team with Terri Spanogle, Terri broke her foot this spring, so I'm going to attempt the event solo.  I tried to race the Baker's Dozen solo the first time I rode the event, but it came on the heels of multiple 80 hour work weeks and I spent most of the race catching up on missed sleep and only got in 3-4 hours of actual riding.  Hopefully this time around goes better for me!

- Jeff

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