March 31, 2014

South Eastern Regional Championship #2 In Conyers Georgia

Last weekend I went down to the 2nd race of the SERC series at the International Horse Park in Conyers Georgia. This is the same place where the Olympic mountain bike race was held in 1996. The trails are very sandy with a lot of tight turns and short steep climbs. I was happy to be running the Continental X Kings for all the cornering as the tall nobs dug into the sand and made traction very predictable.

The race started off with a long straight before you hit the trail which turned into a drag race for the single track. I entered the woods in 6th place and we started to form a lead group. I started to loose contact with the leaders but still had a very good race for 4th place which nearly came down to a sprint finish. On the last lap I exited the woods with about 10 bike lengths on 5th place and I managed to hold him off around the finishing straight. 


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