June 18, 2013

Wolf Tooth Components Drop Stop Chainrings

Lots of rings just arrived today from team sponsor, Wolf Tooth Components, LLC.

Cam, Dylan, Jeff and Zack will be rocking these for the rest of the season.

Narrow/wide rings don't require a chainguide when using a clutch rear derailleur. The GXP direct mount rings drop 30 grams from an XX1 crankset by eliminating the spider completely (cheaper than XX1 rings too) on Zack and Dylan's XX1 bikes, and Jeff's XX1/XTR hybrid beast.

The 104 mm BCD ring will fit nicely on Cam's Shimano 1x10 setup (and he can toss his chainguide), and the 88 mm BCD ring for XTR Race cranks looks very trick.

Going from a 2x10 to a 1x10 setup saved about a pound on each of our bikes. This is an even lighter setup, especially when you can ditch a chainguide.

Check out http://www.wolftoothcycling.com/ for more info or ordering!

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