June 07, 2013

Scott Vanish EVO Helmet Review 2013

Scott makes a mountain and a road version of the Vanish EVO helmet and woman specific versions but as far as I can tell the only differences are the colors scheme and that the mountain helmets include a visor.

Mountain Versions...

Road Versions...

  Woman's Mountain...
Woman's Road...

The first thing that is apparent is that the helmet seems to have more square inches of vent openings than any other I've seen. The vents are big and numerous.

The style is nice it kinda reminds me of the boxy stealth fighter .
Vanish EVO probably avoids detection by radar too.

It has a very comfy fit. I've talked to other teammates that were impressed by the feel as well. The adjustment knob on back is on a plastic strap that wraps far down on the back of the head. The low location of the strap on the back of the head lets it pulls the helmet down very securely.

The helmet feels so secure with the adjustment knob/strap in the back that with it adjusted comfortably I can swing my head around and tip it upside down with out it falling off without even buckling the strap that goes under the chin.

The whole helmet seems to sit lower on my head than most helmets. There is more coverage on the sides and especially more on the back than what I am used to. The extra coverage and the snug fit combined give me a sense of security when wearing this helmet.

Here is the technology that Scott used in this helmet...

ConeHead™ technology : using several desitys of foam, one to act as a crumple zone and the other to maintain the shape of the helmet

MRAS II fit system: MRAS stands for The Micro Rotary Adjustment System. It's the name scott gives to the their adjustment knob on the back of the helment.

Cam Dividers: Little buckles that make adjusting the chin straps easy.

The helmet weighs 262 grams

It comes in Small Medium and Large. I wear a Medium and have a 22.75"  head.

Comes with extra pads and a helment bag.

Overall... Great helmet for road or mountain, very secure and comfortable feel. The only downside I can think of would be for those who are bold/ shaved head (like Jeff on our team) will get some big striped sunburns on their forehead from the big vents.

- Mike

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  1. i just bought one today, its the nicest fitting helmet i have owned and i have had a few!
    very comfortable, easy to put on and adjust.
    i have struggled with helmets in the past as i have a big head and most are a narrow tight fit.
    the vanish ticks all boxes for me.
    highly recommended!!!