May 17, 2012

Squirt Chain Lubricant

A silent bike is a happy bike! Usually, the only noise you want to hear from your bike is a nice buzz of the tires on pavement, or a quick, crisp shift of the chain. If the drivetrain is squeaky, crunchy or making anything other than the slightest hum as you pedal along, you are wasting energy and destroying costly parts! Keeping your chain clean and lubricated is vital to having a happy, fast and functional bike. But not just any chain lube will do. 

Some products will pick up dirt and grime, others wear off after just one ride. Because no one wants to work on their bike more than they ride it, choosing a proper chain lube is very important. The team has had the pleasure of using Squirt lube all of last season and through the inclement winter weather of the East Coast. 

We’ve been pleased with Squirt’s durability and all-purpose nature. I personally don’t see it as a dry or a wet lube, but somewhere in between. Squirt claims that it has two times as much wax as solvent based waxed lubes, which explains why Squirt lasts so long. In fact, Squirt is manufactured in South Africa, home to the one of the most grueling stage races in the world where the dusty, dry conditions take their toll on drivetrains. I have heard that Squirt is a popular chain lube for this race, for good reason. 

Another point worth mentioning is its eco-friendly nature. Squirt, along with Stan’s tire sealant, is biodegradable.

Application directions are unique to Squirt and are worth reading: 

 Happy trails, keep that chain happy!

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