May 29, 2012

Follow Aaron at the Trans-Sylvania Epic 2012 - Highlights from Stage 2

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After early moves by Aaron Snyder and Matthys Beukes, Race leader Jeremiah Bishop and 2nd in GC, Barry Wicks, broke away from the field at the midway point of todays 42 mile stage. Bishop was noticeably struggling and rode Wicks' wheel for the final 8 miles of gravel road. Barry launched a late attack with 1k to go and crossed the line 15 seconds ahead of JB. 

1. Barry Wicks
2. Jeremiah Bishop
3. Drew Edsall
4. Aaron Snyder
5. Cary Smith
6. Matthys Beukes
7. Chris Michaels
8. Justin Lindine
9. Stephan Kincaid
10. Madison Matthews

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