March 07, 2011

Finally Riding on Dirt

Here in MA, we have had a craaazy winter:
The snow kept coming, then it wouldn't melt. Only one hour away, the Cape is a wonderful place to ride bikes. They get less snow and more rain, so the trails are dry and fast.
Where I am, there is still snow on the ground. It will be a while before my local trails dry out. This was my first real mtb ride of 2011. I can't remember my last mtb ride on dirt, but I know it was back in November / December. The roads have been in horrible shape and simply unsafe - no shoulder (a negative shoulder?) and 10 foot high snow banks. So, needless to say, Nate, Fred and I were ecstatic about getting to ride bikes on trails. The Cape is THE place to ride bikes in the winter.
He had so, so, so much rust on that bike. He had to ride in the 44 the whole ride because not too many gear combos were working...
There was some mud in spots.
It was 65 and, just wow!!! I almost got a sunburn. Maybe I shouldn't say where we rode (ehh, doesn't really matter), but we saw 10 National Guard Hummers (hint, hint) on the way down and more Hummers on military trucks once there. Behave yourself there, you could have an F-15 chasing you before you know it. We rode for about three hours and saw maybe fifty other mountain bikers. I'm sure there were more. No one else, just Cabin-fever-ridden mountain bikers. Nate bonked hard about 2 hours into the ride. He enjoyed the Nuun Kona Cola and Raw Revolution bar I offered him. Despite his hallucinations about Alice in Wonderland, he survived and got us home. In other news, I prepared my new Sole custom footbeds in my Mavic shoes and running shoes. I've had some issues relating from shoes lately, so hopefully these will help.
In the oven!

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