February 26, 2011

nuun Drink Tablets

We have another new sponsor to report on, nuun. Noon, none? Pronounce it however you like. They make simple tablets that dissolve in water that help in replenishing electrolytes. nuun comes in many flavors:

Kona Cola (tastes like Coke/Pepsi), Citrus Fruit, Banana, Lemon+Lime, Orange and Tri-Berry. The stuff tastes great, seriously. It is easy to get down and it won't upset your stomach like some other drinks. It's not loaded with sugar, in fact, it has no sugar content.

I think I will really appreciate it on long road rides under the blazing sun, or on the last lap of a long XC race. Eventually I get sick of water and I start to crave soda (I hardly drink it) because the carbonation clears out my mouth and wakes me up a bit. In that way, nuun mimics soda. nuun works for Jeremiah Bishop and Ryan Trebon, these guys like to ride fast and I'm sure nuun helps them out when they need to rehydrate.

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