January 02, 2011


This year we have two new sponsors, Polar insulated water bottles and Enzo's ButtonHole chamois cream. Although I personally have not really started training for this year, I have had a little bit of time with each and I'm excited to start using them more frequently. Last year over the winter, I had a problem with water freezing on long rides, so Polar bottles should be helpful this winter. Over the summer they will be useful for keeping water cold! One thing that is unique about them is their removable mouthpiece / valve, to clean out any dirt that may get trapped in there. I only have one sub-32 degree ride on a Polar bottle, but the water didn't freeze!

Also, chamois cream is something you may not realize you need until you try it. Last year I got some bad saddle sores, so hopefully this year will be different. The cream has a nice scent and texture. Plus, it isn't made up of artificial chemicals.

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