June 26, 2014

Wednesdays at Wakefield 2014 race series (round 2)

Conditions - low 90s, high humidity, dry trails and a threat of strong thunderstorms

Dylan used his aero Vie13 skinsuit to get an early lead at the W@W race #2 until an untimely pedal strike, a resulting mechanical and crash dropped him from 1st to 3rd.  Jeff also had a mechanical (chain skipped out of the rear derailleur cage requiring pulling the derailleur apart and putting it back together with the chain in the correct position).

Lap times were extremely fast - almost a minute faster than last week - and any bobble was costly.  Kevin Carter took the win with Wes Schempf in second and Dylan third.  Jeff ended up 5th.

Dylan is now tied for the lead in the 4-race series with Kevin.

Dylan at the start

Lined out in the power line section of the course
Post race


Results and lap times

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