May 22, 2013

Preview of the Pro XC Course at Bear Creek

I got a chance to check out the course at Bear Creek, PA this past weekend with Aaron Snyder, Jeremiah Bishop, Cam and Jay Dodge, and Dylan Johnson. This is where the 2013 USA Cycling Mountain Bike XC National Championships will be held. The Pro course is a shortened version of the Cat 1 XC course, with one major climb and descent, and lots of rocks and roots.

Each lap should take about 15 minutes and the race will consist of 7 laps. This course will favor those with strong technical skills and not just the guys who can put out the most power on groomed manicured singletrack.

Aaron Snyder took us around for the first lap with JB providing some suggestions on final course detail. Jay, Dylan, Cam and I then took another few laps and I shot some GoPro Video footage.

Here is the downhill portion of the course, I'll put up links to the climb sections and some additional videos as soon as they are uploaded. The end of the downhill section is currently being constructed, but the top section will be the same and you can get a good idea of what to expect. Enjoy!

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