February 09, 2013

Continental Mtb - Thank You!

A big thank you to Continental Tire for continuing to sponsor our team this year.  The team is going to be rocking the X-King 29x2.2 Protection tires for the early season as they grip on anything, and the Black Chili compound rolls extremely fast and sheds mud exceptionally well.  Not to mention the tires have great flat protection.

These tires worked awesome last year and were my go-to for just about every event.  I got a full season out of one set, with zero sidewall tears and only one flat (a 5 inch metal spike through the tire that I pulled out, sealed with a plug from Genuine Innovations and kept riding the tire for another 800 miles therafter).

Conti delivery to the Virginia contingent of the team (Mike, Dylan, Zack and Jeff)
Thank you!

- Jeff

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