June 28, 2012

2012 Wednesdays at Wakefield - Round 2

Race: Wednesdays at Wakefield (the DC area mid-week mtb championships of the world...)
Date: June 27
Conditions: 80 degrees (20 degrees cooler than last week!)
Riders: Jeff 1st

Jeff - 1st
With Dylan away this week at the USA Cycling Regional MTB Development Camp in Deep Creek, MD and Mike out sick, it was up to me to keep the Scott team's winning streak alive at W@W.  I attacked from the gun to get a small gap on Ian Spivak of DCMTB (see his post on the race here) and John MaClinnis (Wheelbase Bike Shop) and held onto that slim gap for the next 58 minutes.  That was not easy!  

In the lead on lap 1

I had noticed my rear tire was a little soft at the start and it got lower as the race went on, but I was not sure about stopping to fill it as Ian was right on my tail. I finished with probably 15psi - a close call.

Hanging on through the last lap

On the last lap, I ran into a lot of lapped traffic and it slowed me down a bit.  I usually try to be as polite as possible in passing and my experience has been that works the best to get around people.  I lost some time, but not a lot.  I probably lost more time trying to avoid the tiny bunny who hopped onto the middle of the trail just as I was rounding a downhill switchback (the bunny hopped out just after I'd finished avoiding a turtle who decided to take shelter in the middle of the trail)...

Finishing first
A lot of dust breathed in today!
Expert/Open Results

- Jeff

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