February 17, 2012

Sufferfest - Hell Hath No Fury - Tour of Sufferlandia

I finally got trapped indoors yesterday by weather and had to ride my trainer.  I've had a good run of luck this winter, riding outside most nights, even in rain because it's been so warm.  But, last night, I just didn't want to go outside in 40 degree temps and rain.

So, I loaded up the Sufferfest's Hell Hath No Fury video that I'd downloaded from the Sufferfest site.  Holy cow, that was hard!

Usually, cycling videos follow men's classics, but this video follows footage from the women's UCI World Cup to set up 2x20 LT intervals.  Plus, the video has a plot!  I've never run across that before - you're vying for the overall stage win at the Tour of Sufferlandia under Director Sportif Agony von Grunter...

From the site, here's the description:

"For almost two years, we’ve been asked by Sufferlandrians to do the classic 2×20:00 workout. We resisted. We simply couldn’t figure out how to make it interesting. But then we got our hands on a full year of UCI Pro Women’s racing footage from the World Cup. Emma Pooley, Evelyn Stevens, Marianne Vos…the stars are all there in races like the Tour of Flanders and the GP Plouay. And then we hit on the idea of doing an entire stage race in one single Sufferfest video. Using those 20:00 sessions to do a full race simulation. Now, “it gets interesting.” Cue evil laugh."


I've not run across a training video this good/this hard before.  It kicked my ass.

Check it out on the Sufferfest site (www.thesufferfest.com), along with multiple other crushingly hard training sessions.

- Jeff

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