July 19, 2010

H2H Bulldog Rump Race Report

H2H Bulldog Rump (Campmore H2H Series #4 event and USA Cycling Mid-Atlantic Championships Series event #3)
July 11, 2010
Andover, NJ
In attendance: John Arias, Ross Anderson

The H2H Bulldogs race was a big one for me since I'm currently 2nd and closing in on 1st in Category 1 30-39 for the USA Cycling Mid-Atlantic Regional Championships with one race to go. I'm in 3rd in points for the H2H series.

Bulldog Rump went very well with a stacked group of 30 plus racers. I started off in top-5 then four of us packed together to pull away from the main field. During midway of the first lap we were able to drop one more making it three of us in a fast train. I kept moving to the front to do some hard pulls to ensure we would not be caught.

After the start of the 2nd lap myself and Ryan Heerschap were able to pull away from the other guy; Ryan and I swapping back and forth for 1st. Feeling good I attacked at the end of the 2nd lap gaining a lead, but took a bad line on a downhill into a rocky turn and went into the woods crashing. I was able to get back on the bike and get flowing again, midway of the 3rd lap was back on Ryan's wheel and we were CRUSHING it.

We rode together till the last rocky climb where he took a better line then me and gained about 10 seconds on me. I tried to close the gap but wasn't able to, finishing in 2nd.

This was a great race for me, fine tuning my racing tactics and what my body can do. The H2H series is by far one of the hardest series out there that I race but I know all my competitors are beatable now.

Results are available on the Bulldog team site.

- John

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